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Website Design

If you search online you'll find a plethora of services offering tools where you can build a website for a few dollars a month. We would even bet you have a teenage nephew who has the skills to build a website in minutes. So then, why would you hire a professional?

That's the big question. Firstly, think about the value of your time. Is it worth your time to learn to build a website using an online tool? Should you be learning to operate software that you will only need to use once? We think you should be running your business. You're the expert at your job and time that you spend not doing your job means you are not making money.

What about your nephew's web design skills? Sure, he probably has the technical knowhow. But does he understand marketing? Can he make sure that your website stands out from the crowd in a crowded Internet?

We have been building websites since the 90s and we know what it takes to get value out of your Website. Big or small, we can get you there.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So, you invested in a great looking website that tells your customers everything they need to know about your business. It's a wonderful marketing tool - full of details that should sell your product or service with ease. But... does it get any visitors?

In the competitive online environment you can't rely on people stumbling upon your website. You have to actively work at attracting visitors. The first, and usually least expensive, way to get new visitors to your website is organically, using Internet search engines like Google. But, to get any traffic from Google, they have to decide that your website is more relevant to visitors than all of your competitors.

That's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. It's impossible for anyone to fully understand how a search engine decides which Websites deserve to be on the first page of their results. That's Google's trade secret. But, us professionals who have been doing SEO work since the inception of the Web, know many of the concepts and tricks that are necessary to optimize Websites for maximum exposure.

In many cases, simply setting out a game-plan and making a few changes to your website are all that you need to see an increase in visitors. If you already have someone managing your Website a short consultation with a SEO expert may be all you need to increase your site's ranking. And, if you are thinking of building a new site, we can help you get started on the right foot.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

It's a simple fact that if your website uses older technologies that do not display properly on mobile devices, that you are losing visitors and customers. The statistics tell us that the vast majority of Web traffic is on smartphones and tablets and most of those visitors are making buying decisions.

In addition to the prospective customers that you lose because they are not willing to scroll and stretch your website in order to see it, you may also be giving the visitor the impression that you are not as progressive as you should be. And, if you are relying on search engine traffic, they are far less likely to list your desktop only website in their search results if the visitor is searching from a mobile device.

Today there are many simple website frameworks that are responsive allowing your website to display properly on any device. If you are happy with your Website's content but it doesn't look right on a smartphone, it's time to upgrade.

Social Media Management

We all love social media and it has a huge impact on our lives. And, for many businesses, in addition to generating new business using their website, social media posting is the second most efficient way to find new customers. If your business is not on social media or if you're not generating a reliable stream of engaging content, then you are missing a huge opportunity.

Marketing on social media needs a thoughtful approach. It requires a lot more than just tweeting about your products and services every now and then. It's about finding the right social media platform where your customers congregate. Then, it's about creating content that will get your customers (or prospective customers) to follow your social media feed, as well as keeping them interested. Nobody cares if you have thousands of followers if nobody ever reads your posts.

Here is where we can help. We can get you setup and posting relevant information to your target audience in no time. And, if you need help writing engaging content, we have people to do that for you too.

Google "My Business" Management

Have you Googled yourself lately? Go do it now - type your business name and your city name into the Google search engine. The odds are very high that on the right side of the search results, you'll find information about your business. That information is managed by "My Business" and you can manage what it displays.

It's great that Google includes information about local businesses in their search tool and as a consumer, it's the most efficient way to find businesses, see their location, check their hours and see reviews of the businesses. The only problem is that it is very confusing to set up and to optimize. If you have your Google My Business listing setup well, you'll get more customers, if you don't - it's useless.

If you have a My Business listing setup, we can help optimize it. If you don't have a listing, we can set it up for you. And, if your reviews are a mess, we can help you cleanup your reputation.

Intenet Technology Consulting

We have been designing, building, installing and managing software for about 30 years. If you need custom software, software customization, data conversion, maintenance tools, custom reporting or any other type of programming work done, we have the technical experience to do it. We are familiar with many of the more popular operating systems and programming languages and if we don't have in-house developers to do your job, we have the resources available.

Stop making do with technical issues that keep your business from running at peak efficiency. Get an expert to help.

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If you are located in the Kitcheer, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guilph area and you need search engine consulting or website design work be sure to reach out to us. We are always ready to help you make your best impression on the Web.