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Steve Sandlos, President

About Tucker Computer Resources

Tucker Computer Resources is a small local consulting business in Waterloo Ontario. When we incorporated in 1994 we focused on computer and software sales. But when the Internet came into being in the late 90's we quickly refocused on Web technologies and moved away from sales toward Internet marketing and SEO. Being an early adopter, we have been building and managing custom websites for more than 20 years.

Some of our clients are mom and pop sized businesses with simple websites, others are larger with tens of thousands of visitors per day. We have worked with clients where they only needed a few hours of assistance and others where we do ongoing software design and manage their complete online presence.

Being a small business makes us agile and able to respond to our clients quickly. We are always thinking outside of the box to offer unique solutions based on proven technologies. We may not do things the way others do, we do them better.

Our Clients and Projects

The following are some of the more recent clients or associates of Tucker Computer Resources.

In all cases Tucker Computer Resources has had a major role in establishing these businesses on the World Wide Web.

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